The Donald, Betrayer of Conservatism or the new Savior of America?

As a Christian, I have many reasons to distrust the “Donald”. For one, he claims to be a Christian, but he has not lead any kind of morally exemplary life . Second, he is utterly inconsistent. Is he for prolife or not? Is he really a conservative or did he just play one to win the Republican nomination?median-income-800x540

Yet, for all that I find many things that appear to be his core concerns that I agree with. For example here is his policy on trade with China. The simple fact is that country after country starting with Japan back in the 60s and 70s has built their economies by using our free trade and open markets to compete against American workers thus suppressing jobs and wage growth in our country. The net result our disastrous trade policies for American workers is well summarized by the economic policy institute as follows:

Since 1973, hourly compensation of the vast majority of American workers has not risen in line with economy-wide productivity. In fact, hourly compensation has almost stopped rising at all. Net productivity grew 72.2 percent between 1973 and 2014. Yet inflation-adjusted hourly compensation of the median worker rose just 8.7 percent, or 0.20 percent annually, over this same period, with essentially all of the growth occurring between 1995 and 2002.

People know this, but neither party has done diddlysquat to address the issue or even acknowledge there is an issue. The Republican solution is always more tax breaks with great majority of those breaks going to the very wealthy in our country. The Democratic solution is to expand entitlement programs without regard to the effects on our economy.

But the economy is in recovery is it not? Part of the anger that drives both Berne Sanders and Trump supporters is that our government promotes in a bipartisan way a big fat lie. The real unemployment rate is falsely reported by our government. The current rate maybe much better than the actual 12.4% from a couple years ago, but a great many of the new jobs are low paying and part time. Government inflation numbers are also a lie. I use the term “lie” advisedly. The governments both unemployment and inflation have been revised many times over the decades always in a way to make things look better than they really are.

So, the Donald taps into a real frustration in the American middle class that spans a wide range of issues from skyrocketing costs, the lack of well paying jobs, lack of opportunity for young people, stagnant growth or no growth for most, and the presence of great corruption in our economy. It doesn’t help that America and Americans are crippled under horrid loads of debt.

So, given all this, I am increasingly inclined to think that Trump will win the election in the fall, perhaps in a landslide. He has a talent for exposing these problems in a recognizable way when traditional politicians both left and right remain utterly silent.


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