Follow up on the study showing how selfish religious kids are!

After I posted this more blogs and information came in on this subject. Heather Tomlinson has an excellent blog about it, as does an Atheist writer at patheos .

But my favorite is from Statistician William Briggs who completely debunks the study from a mathematical standpoint.

Debunking this study was important because it misused science for the purpose of anti-religious and pro-atheist polemics. Or as the daily beast headline said, “Religious Kids Are Jerks”. It is contrary to many other studies the most famous one perhaps being Auther Brooks Study of Charitable Giving in the US. Basically, he show religious people to be considerably more giving than secular. Here is a chart from that study:

Giving among religious versus secular people-2

But that is less consequential than the damage that is done by this bogus study that tries to show that religious teaching of our children makes them less moral than others. The head of the study pontificates on this matter in the press articles. It’s not good that garbage of this kind has gotten such widespread publicity.

Cogitations on stats for my first blog post

I started this blog to reference the research I found, but now I think I will continue to blog. I will post to facebook and some of the facebook groups when I believe I have something really worth reading for at least some people. It is a brand new blog on a very specialized topic publicized only on facebook and only in my feed and in three groups in comments. Each group has a few thousand members. It was posted only to one group and to my news feed.

So, what kind of stats did this generate? Here is a snapshot:

WordPress claims to filter out “well-behaved” robots. Also, if I visit my blog while logged in to WordPress, those are filtered out also. But my visits to my own blog when I am not logged in to WordPress are counted.

So, mentally I subtract a little bit from these numbers, but they should be correct for the most part. The blog is now linked to from three other pages plus a few comment pages. One of the three pages was added on the 11th. It is the Premier Christianity blog associated with Premier Christian Radio out of the UK. But this is merely a copy of Heather Tomlinson’s blog also out of the UK. She in fact was the one who encouraged me to create the original blog post so others could link to it.. 23 (close to a quarter) of my views are referrals from her blog.

Small numbers compare to the vast internet, but if I imagine a room full of close to 100 people who all came to hear what I had to say, then I think to myself that’s pretty cool.

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